Originally from Guildford, Beryl has resided on the south coast since 1973; first in West Sussex and now in Hampshire.

Art and Literature were chosen subjects at school but abandoned during the rebellious years of the late 60s. Computer science and oceanography provided a fulfilling career until family life took over. But it wasn't long before the creative urges began to direct Beryl's life once more.

Initially, creativity was explored through porcelain, fabric and sculpture. Beryl exhibited and won many awards for her work. She also had her first bronze sculpture exhibited in London at the Mall Galleries in 1996. But the old desire to draw and paint could no longer be ignored. Similarly, the urge to write was resurrected. A degree in Literature and Creative Writing followed, culminating in an honours degree. At the same time Beryl was spending many hours at the Mill Studio studying the figure in a variety of media. She was also drawn to studying things of a spiritual and philosophical nature which was beginning to influence her work.

Much of her artwork draws upon the figure, the nature of man and the landscape which he creates and in which he is placed. Colour as a source of defining form and as an emotional tool is an important aspect and underpins the leanings currently being explored towards more abstract presentation of figure and landscape.

Beryl does not pretend to any fixed style as she feels that a true creative mind must be free to explore and experiment and not be confined by commercial expectations. For this reason you will find the work diverse in subject, media and execution.

If you would like to purchase any of Beryl's work there is an enquiry form on the contact page.